Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Check the list below to see if it's one we are often asked by new and returning guests. If you don't find an answer to your specific question, please feel free to contact us and we'll promptly respond to your query.

Can I Check-in Early or Check-out Late?

Early check-ins or late check-outs (up to three hours) can be requested as late as 48 hours in advance of your stay and will be granted when it is possible to do so. However, when the unit is booked "back-to-back" (as it generally is during the peak summer months) we must provide the cleaning service with enough time to complete their tasks. If you have not received permission to check in early or check out late, please abide by the 11am check-out and 4pm check-in times. This will help insure that both your stay and that of the guests that follow get off to a pleasant start.

What Are The Bike Paths?

Paved bike paths (used by both bicycles & pedestrians) wind their way through all areas of Sunriver. Originally designed (in the early 1970s) for use by electric golf carts as an environmentally friendly alternative method of transportation, this concept was quickly abandoned in favor of their current use. Through the use of various paths, it is possible to walk or ride nearly the entire perimeter of Sunriver as well as get to just about any place in between.

The bike paths are restricted to bicycles and pedestrians only. The use of rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, and other motorized vehicles is strictly prohibited. Totaling nearly 33 miles (in 2018), the entire system of paths attracts many to the area and should keep you busy discovering new areas for some time. Please remember to practice proper cycling etiquette and obey all related local laws.

What Are Skyline Condos?

The Skyline condos are a set of four buildings of two or more units that were built on undeveloped property in the midst of the larger Quelah development. As a result, their identification (by outdoor sign and map markings) makes it appear that all of the condos east of the Quelah pool are all part of the Skyline development. In fact, only the first four buildings on the north side of the road are Skyline condos.

The remaining buildings and their units (including ours) to the south and west are part of the second and third phases of the Quelah development. While the Skyline units have a similar design and appearance, they were constructed by a different builder. In addition, homeowners and guests of the Skyline units are not allowed to use the Quelah facilities (pools, courts, etc.).

What Are The Taxes On My Bill?

Deschutes County (in which Sunriver is located) requires businesses and owners of hotel rooms, short-term rentals, and other recreational lodging to collect a "room tax". In addition, starting in 2006, the State of Oregon also requires the collection of a similar "lodging tax". We have no control over the amount or collection of these fees and simply act, as required by law, in the capacity of collecting agent for the county and state. Once collected, your funds are remitted to the appropriate agency periodically as defined by law.

What Does Quelah-only Mean?

Two tennis courts, a pool, and a hot tub are provided for the exclusive use of Quelah residents and guests. Anyone living or staying in a Quelah condominium may use these facilities. However, unlike the Sunriver common pools and courts, other Sunriver residents and guests (including those staying in the Skyline Condos) are excluded. The courts, pool, and hot tub are located in the heart of the Quelah development, just north of River Road. You'll see them to your right as you drive toward the condo. Please do not invite, or permit, individuals not staying with you to use these facilities. Doing so may result in forfeiture of your security deposit.

What Is The Rental Deposit For?

Virtually all rentals in Sunriver require a rental deposit to "hold" your reservation. Like most others, we use this to help us make sure you fully intend to stay before we turn others away who may desire the same period as well. In the event of late cancellation, it also modestly compensates us for the loss of revenue as a result of having refused other reservation requests for your time. For more information on how the rental deposit may be forfeited, see "Why Didn't I Get My Deposit Back?".

What Is The Security Deposit For?

Most (though not all) rentals in Sunriver carry a refundable security deposit. In most cases, it proves unnecessary and is refunded in full. However, in those rare cases where the condo or its contents sustain damage, this deposit helps defray the expense of repairing or replacing the damaged item(s). Rentals without this deposit generally defray damage costs by increasing rates across-the-board. However, we think this unfairly penalizes everyone.

The deposit also acts as an incentive. We want our guests to come back and stay with us again. And we think that's more likely if the condo, its contents, and its surroundings are in good condition. As a result, we want to encourage all guests to take care while staying with us for the benefit of those that follow. In addition, as owners, our neighbors expect us and by extension, our guests, to abide by all local laws and we want to encourage this as well. For more information on how the security deposit may be forfeited, see "Why Didn't I Get My Deposit Back?".

What Should I Bring?

While you'll find the condo equipped with most common items, there are things we think you should consider bringing to enhance your stay with us. These are listed below by season.

Summer Both Winter
Golf clubs
Pool towel
Light jacket
Insect repellent
Hiking/walking shoes
Special cooking utensils
Special cooking spices
Lip balm
Calling card
Favorite games/DVDs/etc.
Chains/traction devices
Skis, boots, & poles
Heavy coat/parka
Snow pants
Snow boots
Heavy socks
Gloves, cap, ear muffs
Ice Skates

Is There Air-conditioning?

Most (though not all) homes and condos in the Sunriver area do not have air-conditioning. Through much of the year it is simply unnecessary. Even during the warmest days of July and August, the nights and mornings are still generally cool, allowing the windows to be opened to cool the unit. Avoiding the costs of air-conditioning operation and maintenance allows us to keep rental charges lower. If you're staying in Sunriver during the warm months, consider these tips:

Where Are The Bikes?

Bicycles, tennis racquets, deck furniture and other warm-weather equipment are placed in storage during the winter months (generally October through April). With the tennis courts closed, the deck often knee-deep in snow, and the vacation-ruining accident potential of riding a bike on snowy/icy paths leaves no logical reason to make these items available during the winter months.

Why Didn't I Get My Deposit Back?

We collect two deposits when you stay with us. The rental deposit is a percentage of your overall fee due "up front" that serves to hold your reservation, preventing someone else from scheduling time in the condo during the period you wish to stay. It is refundable up to six weeks from the beginning of your stay. Should you cancel your reservation after that time, any additional amounts paid will be refunded, but this initial amount will not. For additional information, please see "What Is The Rental Deposit For?".

The security deposit is fully refundable and generally returned to you upon receipt of the condo keys after your stay. However, there are circumstances under which it may be forfeited in whole or in part. These include the flagrant violation of house rules, damaging the condo or its contents, violating local laws, rules, or regulations, or leaving the unit in such poor condition as to require special care (such as carpet cleaning) prior to the arrival of the next guests. Repeated incidents may result in the denial of future reservations. For additional information, please see "What Is The Security Deposit For?".

Why Is The Storage Area Locked?

The storage area (just outside the front door) is used to protect items not currently in use or in need of repair, to hold excess supplies, and to provide seasonal wood storage. As a result, guests are not provided with access to this area. A wood supply adequate for a few fires of moderate duration is provided to all guests. Because the fireplace is not intended to be used as a source of heat for the condo, the wood supply is limited.