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Two-day to fourteen-day rentals (three-night minimum for holiday weekends) are available. Reservations for dates in July and August made over 30 days in advance are limited to weekly (Sunday-to-Sunday) rentals. The unit is large enough to comfortably accommodate six persons and a maximum occupancy of eight persons (including children and infants). Pets and smoking are not allowed in the unit.

Rental rates vary depending on the season, length of stay, and days chosen. A base charge of $140 applies to all stays regardless of length. The peak summer weekend rate is $190 per night. However, depending on when you stay and for how long, you may be eligible for a 15% weekday discount, a 15% full-week discount, a 25% winter-season discount, and/or a 50% off-season discount. Stays including a federal holiday are subject to a minimum number of days (depending on the holiday). To display an itemized cost breakdown including any applicable taxes and discounts, use the QuickPrice shown on this page.

No matter when you choose to stay, you'll find these rates competitive with comparable Quelah condos that rent for $220 to $420 per night (peak summer weekend) with a base charge of $115 to $190. Many include an additional Resort Fee and some add a Booking Fee. The summer season runs June 24 through September 7 while winter season begins November 16 and runs through April 11. All other dates are considered "off-season".

A 20% deposit is required when making your advance reservation and will be refunded in the event you cancel at least 60 days in advance of your stay. The balance is due two weeks prior to arrival. There is an 8% Deschutes County Room Tax, a 1.5% Oregon State Lodging Tax, and a $100 refundable security deposit ($250 if you are staying with us for the first time).

Want to get the most bang for your buck? Renting for a week gets you the most fun for your money no matter what time of year. Can't do the whole thing? Consider a mid-week getaway! Everybody likes taking off for the weekend and, as a result, during the week things are often quieter and rental rates are lower. Another option is to try an off-season stay. Your chance of a few days of poor weather is greater, but the outdoors are just as pretty, the condo is just as cozy, and your cost will be dramatically less.

With the cost of so many other vacation alternatives having increased at a staggering pace over the last two decades, Sunriver remains a surprisingly affordable getaway. Though rental rates have increased over the years, that growth has been pleasantly modest. Clear back in 1980, rates for similar units were $110 per night during the peak summer season with a five-night minimum.

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