Traveling By Car

Baker City, Oregon area Bellingham, Washington area Boise, Idaho area Eugene, Oregon area Government Camp, Oregon area Gresham, Oregon area Kennewick, Washington area Klamath Falls, Oregon area Medford, Oregon area Olympia, Washington area Portland, Oregon area Redding, California area Reno, Nevada area Ritzville, Washington area Roseburg, Oregon area Sacramento, California area Salem, Oregon area San Francisco, California area Seattle, Washington area Spokane, Washington area Tacoma, Washington area Vancouver, Washington area Weed, California area Yakima, Washington area

Map of western states and routes No matter where you live in the western states, there's an easy way to get to Sunriver. Use the map shown to find the best route for your location. Click on various areas of the map or on the links below to get distance, travel time, and directions for major cities.
Baker City, Oregon
Bellingham, Washington
Boise, Idaho
Eugene, Oregon
Govt. Camp, Oregon
Gresham, Oregon
Kennewick, Washington
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Medford, Oregon
Olympia, Washington
Portland, Oregon
Redding, California
Reno, Nevada
Ritzville, Washington
Roseburg, Oregon
Sacramento, California
Salem, Oregon
San Francisco, California
Seattle, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Tacoma, Washington
Vancouver, Washington
Weed, California
Yakima, Washington

For additional information on road and traffic conditions, visit the following sites:
California DOT
Idaho Transportation Dept.
Nevada DOT
Oregon DOT
Washington DOT